500 C.E. – 1500 C.E. – The Era of Trade Routes

Topics: 500 C.E. – 1500 C.E. – The Era of Trade Routes


Possible Topics:

Europe: Black Plague/Death, Renaissance, Catherine d’ Medici, Henry VIII, Ghiberti, Brunelleschi, The Crusades, The Vikings, Kievan Rus

The America’s: Incas, Anasazi, Mayan, Mound Builders

Asia: Ming Dynasty, Mohenjo-daro, Mongol Empire, Sanskrit, Silk Road, Tamerlane, Yuan(Mongol Dynasty), Zhang-He, Zamorin of Calicut, Delhi Sultanate, Kamakura, Muromachi, Maori, Koryo, Choson, Unifed Silla

Africa/ME: Aksum, Arab Coastal Kingdoms, Kingdom of Benin, Ghana Empire, Ibn-Khaldun, Jenne-Jeno, Mali Empire, Marrakesh, Niger River, Songhai Empire, Timbuktu, Toure(Askia Muhammad), Mansa Musa, Ibn Battuta, Umayyad Caliphate, Abbasid Caliphate, Great Zimbabwe

Guided Inquiry Packet



Day One – Select 2 or 3 Broad Topics to review

  • Introduction to the Research Paper
  • Review the Guided Inquiry Model
  • NoodleTools – Create a Project and share with your teacher
  • Databases: Britannica, Facts on File and WWW(Check Authority)
  • NoodleTools – How to create a works cited card using the copy and paste shortcut.
  • Finalize your Topic selection

Day Two –  Search for Focus: pick at least 2 areas of focus

  • Mind map
  • Database -Ebsco Academic Search Complete
  • Database – Questia School
  • NoodleTools – How to create a notecard and a works cited card from scratch.

Day Three – Select Focus area and draft a question

Day Four – Finalize Question and Thesis Statement – Expand NoodleTools Notecards

  • Annotate the source card used for homework using OPVL (origin, purpose, value, limitations)
    • OPVL
      (source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/yMd0iFQzqS0/UoeFBdKzNcI/AAAAAAAAAOs/b_aCHyJ_sk8/s1600/OPVL.jpg)
  • NoodleTools – Outline

Day Five –  Create Outline

  • Continue Researching

Supporting Documents

  1.  Example of a Research Paper written in MLA Format

NoodleTools: Create and Share Project


NoodleTools: How to create a works cited card


NoodleTools: Creating a Citation from Scratch


NoodleTools: Citing a Website


NoodleTools part 3: Creating a note card from works cited card



NoodleTools part 4: Creating an Outline



Examples of Research Question and Thesis Statement

  1. The Research Question:
  • Poses a cause or condition that follows with an effect or result
  • Has an effect or result that can be measured in some way
  • Can be placed into a Hypothesis or Thesis Statement
  • Is focused – not too broad (entire books been written on this) or too narrow (you can’t find information)

Example:  To what extent was Robespierre responsible for the rise of Napoleon?

Thesis statements

A thesis is the central argument that you will make about that topic. The thesis is the controlling idea of the essay; every sentence and paragraph in the essay must provide supporting statements and specific information to prove the thesis. The sooner you can state the thesis clearly and concisely, the more efficient and productive your thinking and note taking will be. Note how each thesis statement below contains a clearly focused argument.  A thesis may be proved affirmatively or negatively.

Sample Social Studies Thesis Statements

Cause and Effect:
1. The failures of the Church caused war between Protestants and Catholics.
2. The work of the Humanists lead to the Renaissance
5. The desires of the Bourgeoisie led to failure of the French Revolution

1. The Congress of Vienna was the solution to European disorder.
2. The uniting of the Holy Roman Empire resolved civil war in Germany

1. The problems of absolute political power of the Bourbon kings contributed to their decline.
2. Excessive taxation resulted in the decline of British rule in the Americas.

1. King Louis XVI was a more effective leader than George III
2. Montesquieu was more influential than Paine in inspiring the American Revolution

1. The causes of the French Revolution and the Reformation are similar

1. Hobbes and Locke differed greatly in their views on effective rule

1. It is evident that the work of Pieter Breughel’s father influenced his works.



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