Ancient Civilizations Research Project

Ancient River Civilizations

Stage One:  Find examples of cultural universals from each of the following ancient civilizations:  Egypt, Indus Valley, Greece and Mesopotamia

Cultural Universals include:

  • Writing
  • Social Structure
  • Government
  • Technology
  • Religion
  • Arts
  • Food Supply

Collection and Organization:  You will use NoodleTools to collect and organize your information.


What are the best resources to use to get an overview of my topic?


  • Non-Fiction Books
  • Encyclopedias (on-line or print) – Encyclopedia Britannica
  • World Geography (History section)
  • WWW- Destiny Webpath Express

NoodleTools: New Registration

NoodleTools: Create and Share Project

NoodleTools – Creating a Citation

Creating a Notecard


Stage Two:  Pick an artifact from one of the civilizations and research this artifact in depth.


Review of how to search the Web

A.  Internet Search Tip for the day:  DOMAIN –  Authority, Currency and Domain Review

B.  Internet Search Tip for the day:  AUTHORITY & CURRENCY – Authority, Currency and Domain Review

C.  Internet Review

Which of the following sites do you think are reputable/reliable?

Link 1         Link 2       Link 3       Link 4


D.    Google Advanced Search

E.     Citation & Note Taking

  • Grade 6 Citation Log – Books/websites. A link to MLA Citation Log Document for books and websites. Please download and use it electronically.
  • Citation Examples – Book 1 and Book 2
    This page shows where to find cataloging and publication data on both the cover page and verso of a book.

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