IB Extended Essays by Titles 2010-11

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Evolution of Poetry – How do themes of an individual’s

sense of isolation from a society evolve over time in

Robert Frost’s poetry


How do the writing styles of the death scenes in

Richard Wrights’ “Native Son” and Albert Camus’

 “The Stranger”, both written with an existentialist

 focus for the main characters, compare?  


Alienation in Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis and

James Joyce’s The Dead


El Bachillerato Internacional: Ensayo Extendido


To what extent do these three art pieces illustrate fear

of death in the European Renaissance?                                             

Visual Arts

To what extent is M.F.Husain’s Artistic style a Rebellion

against the Indian Art Establisment?          

Visual Arts

A touch of Sweden in the homes of millions:

What makes IKEA design so commercially successful?     

Visual Arts

What is the relationship of Indian and Japanese visual

traditions in Tagore’s work?

Visual Arts

Earning Truth: John Guare’s Theatre- How is six Degrees

of Separation an Example of play wright John Guare’s

effort to “dismantle the kitchen sink and take the audience

into dangerous terrain”?


Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Local Milk Brands   


What is the effect of potassium nitrate (KNO3) on the

growth rate of Lemna Gibba?                                                          


Investigation into the Effect of the size and color of a

wooden block on the behavior of Carassius auratus          


Two-Person Zero-sum Game Analysis in ‘Sutda’


Oil Spills:Comparing the Environmental Impacts of

Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon

Environmental Systems and Societies

“To what extent is Grameen Bank’s micro-credit model

 for the rural sector of Bangladesh applicable to the

 Janalakshmi Financial Services’s micro-credit model

 for the urban population in Mangolpuri, New Delhi, India?”    


Access to Quality Education Across the Districts of

Uttar Pradesh

Human Rights

To what extent is it possible for the European Union to

protect and rehabilitate victims of sex trafficking within

its member states?


On Education or what to do with our lives- In which ways

does education hinder the growth of a true free individual?     


Justifying Racial Profiling: Determining criteria under

which profiling could be justified using both Kantian

and Utilitarian theories.


German Anti-Semitic Laws: The impact of German

Occupation (1940-1945) on Jewish Enterprise in

The Netherlands


To what extent did the Great Depression affect the economic

situation of women of different social classes?


Hannibal-Brilliant General or Lucky Man?


Examining the Treatment of Islamic Women and

Comparing it to the Teachings of the Quran.


The Ho Chi Minh Trail and its effect on the Conflict

in Vietnam


The influence of Indira Gandhi’s Policies during the

Emergency (1975-1977) on the common man


Origins of the British Punk Movement: Did this movement

arise more out of the business imperatives of those who

marketed the music or the social angst felt by the musicians?       


Dr. Alfred Kinsey and the image of sexuality in

Mid-20th Century America   


To what extent did the policies of Suharto and his immediate

successors towards radical Islam contribute to the rise of

radical Islam within Indonesia?       


The influence of information contained by the secret

intelligence service of the communist era in Poland on the

people of Poland today         


To what extent did Glasnost and Perestroika hasten the

demise of the Soviet Union?



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