Internal Assessment – History

Internal Assessment 


IA 2017

1)  Select a topic :

What is your broad topic?  For Example: Stalin

2)  Narrow your topic:

Pick two or more areas you are considering focusing on.  When considering an area of focus, make sure that it lends itself or an argument; that there are two sides or opposing points of view.  For example:

a)  Stalin and Collectivisation

  • Pros:  benefit to the economy, more efficient production, increase food supply
  • Cons:  lack of personal incentive, no individual identity, many farmers killed

b)  Stalin and Purges

  • Pros:  Solidify Control, Party discipline to move forward
  • Cons: Violation of human rights, freedom of speech, no opposition results in no brainstorming

Resources – Historical

1) Books

a) Destiny – Use Destiny our library catalog to access scholarly books on your topic.
b) Google Books -Search the world’s most comprehensive index of full-text books.

2) Facts on File – a good resource for background information, including specialized encyclopedias, biographies and journal articles.

3)  JSTOR – an excellent collection of scholarly journals, some of which, go back 50 or more years.

4) Questia – Large academic resource which include ebooks as well as journal and magazine articles.

5). EBSCO Academic Search Complete – the world’s largest’ scholarly, multidiscipline full text database designed specifically for academic institutions.

6). Google Scholar  -Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources.


 Internal Assessment Criteria – SL and HL


Evaluating web sites

When evaluating web sites, remember to check that it is a reliable source.  You can use the CARS method to do this.



EBSCO Academic Search Complete searching


JSTOR searching

Creating Notecard from Work cited card

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