People that changed History


  1. Books – Destiny Biographies, Autobiographies and Collective Biographiesnelson mandelaMandela


2.  REFERENCE – Collective Biographies

  • REF 920 COL – Cold War 1945 – 1991
  • REF 920 CUR – Current Biography  (Prominent people including entertainers, star athletes, politicians, etc…)
  • REF 920 DIC – Dictionary of World Biography (information about the lives and achievements of significant men and women who lived from ancient times to the 20th century)
  • REF 920 HIS – Historic World Leaders (Essays about 151 notable leaders from throughout history)
  • REF 920 PRO – Profiles in world history: beginnings of the age of discovery to industrial revolution: significant events and the people who shaped them)
  • REF 920 PRO – Prominent Women of the 2oth Century

3.  Databases

  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Facts on File
  • Questia
  • EBSCO Academic Search Complete

4.  Websites

5.  Images

Creative Commons

Youtube – Creative Commons

Youtube – Public Domain

6.  Citing Images

Easybib has autocite function which is really helpful when citing images.

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