Population Project

PART A- Humanities Research


Overpopulation Video


Population Project  – POP Blog

Lifebuoy – Diane Mckenzie


Day 1 – Select a Topic

Air Pollution, Malnutrition, Bio-diversity, Migration, Economic Development, Family Planning, Food distribution, Poverty, Food Production, Recycling, Gender Inequality, Child Labor, Sanitation, Green Revolution, Sustainable Development, HIV/AIDS, Transportation,  Trash, Human Trafficking, Tuberculosis, Infant Mortality, Urbanization, Irrigation, Vaccinations, Land distribution, Water Availability, Literacy, Water Pollution, Malaria, Women’s Empowerment.

POP 2017 Packet (Google drive)

POP – Pictures

Citing Sources – How are your going to collect and organize your information?


Day 2 – Exploring for Focus

  • Review POP packet and GI Timeline



Day 3 – Continue to Form a Focus (Selecting one path from many) and Develop Research Question

  • Research Paper Format– Problem Paper or Initiative Paper?
  • Review POP packet and GI Timeline
  • Continue to research using all resources available

Day 4 – Continue to Develop Research Question

Day 5 – Focusing on Finalizing Research

  • Make sure your have accessed all the resources available to you:

Other Resources

Video Clips for PoP project


NoodleTools Tutorials

NoodleTools: Create a Citation

Creating an Outline


Creating a Notecard

 NoodleTools: Citing from Scratch

Sample POP Paper

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