World History – Ancient Civilizations

Day 1

1)  What makes a civilization?

What resources did you use to answer this question?

When evaluating web sites, remember to check that it is a reliable source.  You can use the CARS method to do this.



Intro Civilizations Presentation (Ms. Currey)


2) Find an example of an Ancient Civilization.


Criteria – how to characterize a civilization?


What resources did you use?


Day 2


1) Your job today is to find out basic information on the following civilizations:

  • Indus River Valley Civilization
  • Mesopotamia
  • Ancient China
  • Ancient Egypt

2)You can use the following resources to assist you:

Day 3


1)  Are the following groups civilized?  Why or why not?  Pick groups from the list below and review based on the five criteria of the civilization.

a.  Bantu
b.  Incas
c.  Vikings
d.  Aboriginal
e.  Anasazi

iMovie Project – Rubric

2)  How do you cite images and other media?

Creative Commons

What is Creative Commons?


Creative Commons



a) search


b) Google Image Advanced Search


c) WikiCommons


Citing an Image (web-digital):



Hullot, Jean-Marie. Mahayana Buddhist Temple. Digital image. Borobudur. 22 July 2009. Fotopedia. 3 Sept. 2013 <>.






Easybib example:



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